2022 Summer Tuition and Fees


Summer Tuition and Fee rates are assessed by residency, level of course (<5000 is undergraduate), and delivery format. Both Appstate Online programs and some Main Campus courses that are delivered primarily online (50% or more) are charged the Appstate Online tuition and fee rates.

Main Campus programs designated as Face-to-Face Delivery or courses less than 50% Web-based.

Course LevelResidencyTuitionFeesTotal per Credit Hour*
UndergraduateNC Resident$166.00$70.04 $236.04*
UndergraduateNon NC Resident$671.00$70.04 $741.04*
Graduate**NC Resident$253.00$70.04 $323.04**
Graduate**Non NC Resident$699.00$70.04 $769.04**

*Undergraduate Student add $63 (flat rate) for book rental

**For Programs with Graduate Tuition Differential, add the following:
M.B.A., M.S. Accounting, M.S. Analytics - Add $150 per credit hour;

Main Campus - Summer Study Abroad Rates

Course LevelResidencyTuitionFeesTotal per Credit Hour
UndergraduateNC Resident$150.00$2.54$152.54 
UndergraduateNon NC Resident$170.00$2.54$172.54 
GraduateNC Resident$185.00$2.54 $187.54 
GraduateNon NC Resident$205.00$2.54 $207.54 


Main Campus - Summer Research Experience Rates

Course LevelResidencyTuitionTotal per Credit Hour
UndergraduateNC Resident$150.00$150.00
UndergraduateNon NC Resident$170.00$170.00
GraduateNC Resident$185.00$185.00
GraduateNon NC Resident$205.00$205.00

 Summer Schedule of Tuition & Fees

Appstate Online Programs/Main Campus course designated as 50% or more Web-based Delivery


ResidencyTuitionFeesTotal Per Credit Hour
NC Resident$176.75$26.54$203.29*
Non NC Resident$827.04$26.54$853.58*

*Undergraduate Students add $63 (flat rate) for book rental


Residency*TuitionFeesTotal Per Credit Hour
NC Resident$268.83$35.39$304.22
Non NC Resident$1102.72$35.39$1138.11

 *Tuition Differential - Add the following amounts to the rates above per credit hour: 
Walker College of Business: MBA, MS Accounting, MS Analytics - $200/credit hour ($1800 Max/semester)
Beaver College of Health Sciences:  MHA - $166.67/credit hour ($1500 Max/semester),


 The Summer 2022 Tuition & Fee rates were approved in March 2022 by the U.N.C . System