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NEW Billing and Payments Center now LIVE!

Dear Student/Parent

We are happy to announce a new partnership between Appalachian State University and Touchnet Information Systems, Inc.  Touchnet is a leading software provider in student billing, payments, and payment plans for higher education institutions.  Starting in late February, we will be gradually transitioning our billing and payment portal to Touchnet.  Based on student and parent feedback in the past, we determined that our current portal creates many questions regarding how to make payments.  We think that you will find the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center more user friendly.  We plan to roll this software out in three phases.

Phase 1:
We are rolling out this new platform in phases beginning in late February.  Phase one of the rollout will include adding the ability for students to access Touchnet while logged into Appalnet.  Inside the Parent Portal, there will be a link to the login for parents/authorized users to sign in.  Once we complete phase one, students and parents will be able to view charges and invoices as well as make payments to the student account balances via the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center.  Once this phase is complete, we strongly encourage students to log into Touchnet and add access in the new software for any authorized users.  Unfortunately, the authorizations from our current Parent Portal system will not transfer to the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center.  There will be tutorials on the Student Accounts website regarding how to do this after phase one is implemented in late February.

Phase 2:
During phase two, we will be transitioning direct deposit transactions out of our current system into the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center.  We anticipate this process going live in either March or April, but currently have not set the date until phase one is complete.  Once phase two is implemented, existing direct deposit information entered directly into the Appalnet portal will be ignored and checks will be issued for students not enrolled in direct deposit via Touchnet. Please watch for emails requesting you to enter your banking information into the new Touchnet Billing and Payment Center if you currently utilize direct deposit.

Phase 3:
We will discontinue our service with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) as our provider for payment plans after final payments have been made in March 2019 for existing Spring 2019 payment plans.  Payment plans will be administered inside the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center beginning with summer session 1 payment plans.  The summer session 1 payment plans for 2019 will be available in the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center once the summer session 1 charges billed is invoiced in late April 2019. 

We have been preparing for this integration with Touchnet for over a year and are excited to provide a more intuitive method to receive, view, and pay bills from Appalachian State University.  There is currently no action required on your part.  Please watch for future emails as we begin to implement this new system for students and authorized users.


Electronic Check, Credit or Debit Card Payment Online (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express)

Effective February 25, 2019, payments are made through the NEW Appalachian State University Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet. A non-refundable 2.75% fee (minimum $3.00 charge) is assessed by a third parth for all online card transactions.  There is no charge to process electronic check payments. We do not accept payment over the phone.

For Students - Via the AppalNet Self Service: Select the AppalNet Self Service tab; select the Student Tab; select the Student Accounts link; select the Billing and Payment Center by Touchnet link.

AppalNet Self Service link

For Authorized Users - Via the Billing and Payment Portal by Touchnet: Login with the authorized user's email address entered by the student in the Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet as the username.  The password is initially a temporary password emailed upon authorization inside the Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet.  Upon login the password will be changed by the authorized user.  Please note: this password is unique to the Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet and is not the same as your Parent PIN Number used for FERPA verification and logging into the ASU Parent Portal

Authorized Users link

Billing and Payment Center by Touchnet access is added by the student inside the Billing and Payments Center Portal.  Please note, this is different login credentials than the Parent Portal.

*Parent Portal access is granted by the Student on the Parent Access link of the Student Tab on the Appalnet. If a parent pin needs to be reset (if it is forgotten) or an email address needs to be updated, the student must do this by selecting the same Parent Access link on their Appalnet and entering the new information and submitting. More information on Parent Access and the FERPA law can be found at this link:

In Person at Our Cashier Windows (8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays)

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Debit Cards

By Mail To:

ASU Student Accounts Office
ASU Box 32005
Boone, NC 28608

Overnight Mail:

ASU Student Accounts Office
 John E. Thomas Hall, Room 215
 287 Rivers St
Boone, NC 28608 *

Mail check or money order made payable to "ASU CASHIER" to the address above. Please include the Student's Full Name and FULL Student ID in the memo section of the check. In order to accurately process checks, we will need the full Student ID, not the xxxxx9999 format that is displayed in the Billing and Payment Center by Touchnet.

* The USPS recognizes 28608 as the zip code for Appalachian State University and will deliver overnight mail with this zip code. However, at times we have found that UPS and FedEx may not recognize 28608 as the correct zip code.  Check with your carrier prior to sending.