Payment Plans

Change in Payment Plans Starting Summer 2019.

Beginning with Summer Session 1 2019, payment plans will be offered through the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center.  Prior to Summer, payment plans were facilitated by Tuition Management Systems (TMS).  ASU will no longer use TMS as our payment plan provider.  Payment Plans will change in the following ways:

  • The cost of all payment plans will be $40 each.  This enrollment fee is Non-refundable.
  • Payment plans will be opened for enrollment on the day that the first statement for the term is sent.
  • You will no longer estimate your payment plan amount.  The payment plan will auto-calculate the amount of each payment based on the balance on the account.  If additional pending Financal Aid awards, credits, payments, or charges are added to the account after the payment plan is set up, the payment amount will change in an amount that will allow the remaining payments to satisfy your balance by the end of your payment plan.  An email will be sent each time the payment plan payment amount changes.  
  • At times, over summer you may have plans with payments for both summer and Fall in the months of July and August.  All plans are individual and must be paid as agreed, even if you have multiple plans with payments due in the same month.

Enroll in a Touchnet Paymnent Plan - Payment Plan Tutorial

Summer Session 1 - Plan opens April 24th

Enroll by:                Payment at time
   of enrollment 
Remaining number
    of payments  
Payment Due Dates
 May 31, 2019     $40 + 33%            2 June 7th, July 7th
 June 7th     $40 + 50%            1        July 7th

Summer Session 2 - Plan opens May 31st

Enroll by:         Payment at time
  of enrollment
Remaining Number
    of Payments
Payment Due Dates
June 30th, 2019          $40 + 33%           2       July 7th, August 7th
July 7th, 2019   $40 + 50%           1     August 7th



Fall 2019 - Plan opens July 10th

Enroll by:Payment at time
  of enrollment
Remaining Number
    of Payments
Payment Due Dates
July 31st   $40 + 20%             4August 15th, September 15th
October 15th,  November 15th
August 15th   $40 + 25%             3September 15th, October 15th,
         November 15th
September 15th     $40 + 33%             2October 15th, November 15th

*Please note that Fall Payment Due Dates have changed from what was originally posted (updated 6/17/2019). 

Spring 2020 - Plan will open mid November

Dates will be announced prior to Spring Billing in mid November.