IRS Form 1098-T Information

**This page is currently being edited with updated content.  Check back as we approach January for 2019 1098T details**


Each year, in January, the Appalachian State University Office of Student Accounts submits an IRS Form 1098(T) to the IRS as well as to each student who had reportable data for the 1098(T) for the prior year.  The student is either sent a copy of the 1098(T) to the student's address via USPS or if the student opts-in to receive an online copy, it may be obtained via the Appalnet Login.  For tax years  2018, please see instructions below.  For tax year 2019 a form 1098(T) will be mailed in late January 2020 and an online version will be available via the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center log in.


Form 1098(T) Information

In January each year Appalachian State University will issue a Form 1098-T to each qualifying student indicating the amount of qualified tuition and related expenses charged by the university, as defined by the IRS, that have been paid in a given tax year.  Additional information such as whether a student was registered at atleast "half-time" and was classified as "graduate" or "undergraduate" during the year.  The purpose of the 1098-T is to assist students in identifying tax credit qualifying expenses.Tax credits may be available to students or their guardians that claim the student on their taxes.  Appalachian State University follows IRS instructions regarding the completion of IRS Form 1098(T).   IRS Form 1098(T) may assist when filing your taxes when you complete IRS Form 8863.  Additionally, IRS Publication 970 may also be helpful in understanding IRS Form 1098(T) as related to your personal tax return.  Questions regarding your 1098(T), potential deductions, as well as any implications of the 1098(T) to an individual's tax circumstances should be directed to your CPA, Tax Accountant, or other qualified persons.  ASU is prohibited from providing tax and/or legal advice.  Details concerning higher education tax benefits associated with the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, including a description of qualifying expenses, can be found on the IRS website, at