Student Refunds

Refunds are typically processed each Tuesday and Thursday for students with a financial aid credit balance or for any reason that accounts are overpaid and credits should be refunded to a student.  Credit balances resulting from financial aid exceeding institutional charges will be automatically refunded. If there is a credit on a student's account that is not related to financial aid, the student should call the Student Accounts office to request that the credit be refunded. Refunds for an upcoming term cannot be issued more than 10 days prior to the first day of class. The Office of Student Accounts makes every effort to begin refunds as close to that requirement as possible.

Direct Deposit

In support of Appalachian State University's Strategic Plan for a Sustainable Future, we utilize Direct Deposit for student refunds.

This Direct Deposit initiative benefits our students as well, as direct deposit is the most convenient, quickest, and reliable way to receive refunds. And it's simple to set up. Just click on the "Direct Deposit Enrollment and Changes" link from the Student tab of your Self Service, enter your bank account information (can be a checking or savings account) and submit. It's that easy!

AppalNet Self Service link

* All future refunds will be deposited in this manner so please ensure the bank account information remains accurate. If there is a need to change it, just select the Direct Deposit Enrollment and Changes link again, enter the new bank information, and submit.

* To revoke Direct Deposit authorization, you must send an email to from your email address that includes your full name and student ID requesting that the Direct Deposit be cancelled. We will ONLY accept requests sent from your Appstate email address.

Alternative to Direct Deposit

If there is no direct deposit authorization on your account, refund checks will be mailed to you. To ensure we have your correct address, please set up a REFUND address on your account. If there is no REFUND address, checks will go to your ENROLLED STUDENT MAILING address. Addresses can be viewed or changed on the Personal Information tab of your Appalnet.

Lost Refund Check Replacement

We recommend taking advantage of the Direct Deposit option if possible. If checks are lost in the mail or sent to invalid mailing addresses, we require two weeks to pass before we will stop payment and reissue your refund. Please call the Controller's Office at 828-262-2110 to request a new check.