Refunds - Application of Payments

Listed below is the order in which payments will be applied towards applicable Charges.  If a credit balance exists, refunds will be issued based on the type of funding and when the payments are appliedto the account.

1) Federal Parent Plus Loans (See link for Parent Plus Loan Refunds)

2) All other forms of Federal Aid ( In order by date posted to the student account)

3) All other forms of funds designated as Financial Aid, Echeck Payments, Credit Card Payments, Debit Card Payments, Check Payments, Cash or Wire Payments.  (In order by date posted on the student account)*
ALL payments made (including echeck and card payments) will be refunded to the student via either check or direct deposit.

Please Note: Some payments require a unique process for funds to be appied to the student account based on the purpose of the payment (Including but not limited to Payments related to Study Abroad).  If you have questions please contact our office.  All payments of should be made in the same term as the charge.  Study Abroad Payments deposit payments should be made via mail (indicating their purpose) or in person.

Refunds related to Title IV (federal loans and grants)

Financial aid classified by the United States Department of Education as Title IV (federal loans and grants) may only cover "allowable charges" as defined by the United States Department of Education.  At Appalachian State those charges include items such as tuition and required fees as well as meal plan (excluding Express Account charges) and dorm charges.  Other charges such as Student Blue Blue Cross and Blue Shield medical insurance premiums, parking passes, and other miscellaneous charges cannot be paid directly from a Title IV award.  When these non-allowable charges exist, a refund may be issued when a student has a remaining balance.  In those cases, please make arrangements to pay the unsatisfied charges by the earlier of 30 days or the most recent invoice due date that the charges appeared on.