International Payments

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Welcome to The University Treasury and Office of Student Accounts at Appalachian State University

Payments for charges:

Students being charged Tuition, Fees, Housing,  Meals, and other miscellaneous charges should pay account balances according to the invoices received from to your Appstate email address.

From time to time unique challenges, specific to students coming from international locations, occur regarding payment from an international source.  Some of these challenges include:

  • Payment via international wire transfers can be expensive and complex (To receive wire instructions via email;
  • Payments via electronic check/ACH processed via the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center are for valid domestic bank accounts only;
  • Course Registration Cancellation for non-payment may occur before you have time to enter the United States and open a domestic bank account to submit an ACH payment;
  • Credit cards are accepted but are assessed a 2.85% fee which is non-refundable. This fee will increase to 2.95% in may 2023.

Starting with the Fall 2019 term, you will have the option to attest to having an apparent source of funding to cover your charges and will be deferred from the course registration cancellation process and will be able to pay applicable charge after the course registration cancellation date.

Visiting Exchange Students:

Students visiting on an approved exchange program pay tuition and fees at your home institution.  Tuition and fees are charged at Appalachian State University and then reversed after the drop/add period (2nd day of class for summer, 5th day of class for Fall/Spring terms) ends.  For students who will still owe charges, an invoice will be sent after the drop/add period ends.  Visiting students who are on approved "FULL" exchange will have housing and/or meal charges paid shortly after the beginning of the term.