Bill Payment and Cancellation for Non-Payment

Spring 2024 Tuition and Fee Payment Timeline

PLEASE NOTE: You must satisfy your outstanding balances or complete one of the following to avoid Course Schedule Cancellation for Nonpayment at 8am on Tuesday January 9th, 2024:

(if sending a payment via mail or courier the check must arrive in our office by 3pm on Friday, January 5, 2024 to avoid cancellation)

  • Pay Balance in full;
  • Pay balance except for amount that is pending on account associated with student financial aid
  • Set up a Payment Plan  and pay as agreed for Spring 2024
  • Provide Military Funding Authorization to ASU Office of Student Financial Aid well in advance of the cancellation deadline.  We also recommend these students to complete the Payment Agreement in the Touchnet Billing and Payments Portal.
  • Student (not parent or authorized user) logs into the Touchnet Billing and Payment Portal and agrees to the payment agreement used when the student has an identified method of payment that will cover the full cost of charges associated with attending Spring 2024 and that has timing issues that may result in cancellation if not otherwise agreed to.