Third Party Payments

Update for Fall 2019 recipients of the NC DMVA Scholarship for Children of War-Time Veterans

As many of you know, the payment anticipated many weeks ago from this scholarship has yet to arrive or be officially approved.  Our office received this memorandum from the NC Department of Military and Veteran Affairs on Monday 11/25/2019.  Due to the decrease in funding for Full Scholarships for room/board allowances, our office had to resubmit an invoice to the NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs with the reduced amounts as seen in the attached memorandum.  This was submitted yesterday 11/26/2019.  Partial Scholarships did not change, but  have not been approved/paid yet either.  Once payment is received, we will credit the student account and process any appropriate refunds.  Please note that this reduction is not a decision made at Appalachian State University, but at the state level.  Please direct all questions to



ASU does accept and assist with billing for those that receive outside funding such as Federal and State Tuition Assistance from Military service and other Federal and State Agency funding sources like the Workforce Investment Act, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Commission for the Blind.

We also accept and assist with State Prepaid College Plans such as Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi to name a few.

To discuss particular processes for these types of funding, please contact Jennett Reece. Authorizations must be received by ASU to verify funding and should be submitted by mail or fax only.

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