Tuition Insurance


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Please note: GradGuard and it's affiliates are not affiliated with Appalachian State University.  Appalachian allows GradGuard to provide a convenient signup and payment method via The Touchnet Billing and Payment Portal out of convenience.  Appalachian State University receives no direct financial benefit from GradGuard.  Students/Authorized Users should research and read all of the terms, conditions, and exclusions and make an informed decision.  Appalachian State University holds no liability for purchases made via GradGuard or other third parties unafiliated with Appalachian State University.

Beginning Spring 2021, the rate for Tuition Insurance if purchased through the Touchnet Billing & Payment Portal is 1.25% (ie $10,000 policy is $125.00).  This is a reduction in the rate from prior terms. 

gradguard-logo-2014-with-clp.pngTerms and conditions apply. 

Contact GradGuard for a quote for details (800-719-5915)

 For quotes and/or more information select Information for GradGuard Tuition Insurance