Appstate Online Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for all courses in Appalachian State University's Appstate Online are set each year by the North Carolina General Assembly in consultation with the University of North Carolina General Administration. Once set, they apply to the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, inclusively, for that academic year. Appstate Online tuition and fees are charged on a per semester hour basis with some small differences (some minor fees are a single set fee and others have minor incremental increases dependent upon the number of registered hours); thus, the number of registered hours multiplied by the per-semester-hour charge shown below is approximately the cost of tuition and fees for the stated term. Courses below the 5000 level will be charged at undergraduate rates; courses at the 5000 level and above will be charged according to Graduate level rates.


Campus Type for Tuition and Fees
Appstate Online Courses: Appstate Online courses can either be online or physically at another campus off-site from our Main Campus in Boone, NC.

Main Campus Courses: Main Campus courses are primarily on our main campus in Boone, NC; however some programs do offer online courses that are categorized as main campus and are thus charged Main Campus rates as approved by the UNC Board of Governors.

If you have questions regarding which campus type your course is prior to registering for classes, please consult your advisor or The Registrar's Office (for undergraduate) and Graduate Studies (for all other levels).  Once tuition and fees have been charged, The Office of Student Accounts can assist with explanation of the charges.  Please note that the Campus Type for a course is not determined by The Office of Student Accounts and we cannot answer questions related to why a specific course is coded as either Appstate Online or Main Campus.  Please consult your academic department and/or Appstate Online Offices for further explanation.