2021-22 Appstate Online Tuition and Fees

Summary of Appstate Online Tuition & Fees


ResidencyTuitionFeesTotal Per Credit Hour
NC Resident$176.75$47.37$224.12
Non NC Resident$827.04$47.37$874.41


Residency*TuitionFeesTotal Per Credit Hour
NC Resident$268.83$35.39$304.22
Non NC Resident$1102.72$35.39$1138.11

 *Tuition Differential - Add the following amounts to the rates above per credit hour: 
Walker College of Business: MBA, MS Accounting, MS Analytics - $200/credit hour ($1800 Max/semester)
Beaver College of Health Sciences: MS Athletic Training, MHA - $166.67/credit hour ($1500 Max/semester) 


 Detailed Appstate Online Tuition & Fees Document

2021-22 Appstate Online Tuition and Fees