2023-24 Appstate Online Tuition and Fees

Summary of Appstate Online Tuition & Fees

All rates are charged per term.


ResidencyTuitionFeesTotal Per Credit Hour
NC Resident$176.75$27.54$204.29*
Non NC Resident$884.92$27.54$912.46*

*Add $135.00 Book Rental Fee - 1-5 credit hours (flat fee)
*Add $270.00 Book Rental Fee - 6+ credit hours (flat fee)

Fall 23' / Spring 24' Schedule of Tuition & Fees (per term)  Undergraduate Programs



ResidencyTuition**FeesTotal Per Credit Hour
NC Resident$282.28$36.33$318.61*
Non NC Resident$1,157.83$36.33$1,194.16

*Add $115.00Book Rental Fee (flat fee)


*Tuition Differential - Add the following amounts to the rates above per credit hour:
• Walker College of Business: MBA, MS Accounting, MS Analytics - $225/credit hour ($2025 Max/semester)
• Beaver College of Health Sciences: MHA- $166.67/credit hour ($1500 Max/semester)
• MS Athletic Training - $111.11/credit hour ($1000 Max/semester)
• MS Speech-Language Pathology: MS-SLP - $166.67/credit hour ($1500 Max/semester)

 Fall 23' / Spring 24' Schedule of Tuition & Fees (per term) Graduate Level Programs 




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