Payment Plans



The TMS Payment Plan is an interest-free alternative to paying your college expenses that allows you to spread your payments over multiple months.  Appalachian State University is offering a 5 pay payment plan to allow you to make 5 equal payments for the spring semester.  A non-refundable 2.99% transaction fee may apply to payment plan payments when paying by credit card.  

The Enrollment Fee of $40 must be paid with the first payment.  The deadline for enrolling in the plan is January 4, 2018.

If you enroll...# of payments due upon enrollmentNext monthly payment
by Oct 20                             0November 1, 2017
Oct 21 to Nov 20                             1December 1, 2017
Nov 21 to Dec 20                             2January 1, 2018
Dec 21 to Jan 4                             3February 1, 2018

TO ENROLL, please log into or call 1-800-722-4867.