Payment Options

 ASU offers many convenient ways to pay your account balance.

(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or Discover)  

Payments are made through either the AppalNet Self Service or the Parent Portal.  ASU does not assess credit card convenience fees at the present time.  There is no charge to process electronic check payments.  We do not accept payment over the phone. 

Via the AppalNet Self Service: Select the Self Service tab; select the Student Tab; select the Student Accounts link; select the Account Detail by Term Link; select the PAY NOW button.

AppalNet Self Service link

Via the Parent Portal: Login with the 9-digit Student Banner ID and your 6-digit pin; select the Student Accounts link; select the Review Account; select a Term; select the PAY NOW button.

 Parent Portal link

* Parent Portal access is granted by the Student on the Parent Access link of the Student Tab on the Appalnet.  If a parent pin needs to be reset (if it is forgotten) or an email address needs to be updated, the student must do this by selecting the same Parent Access link on their Appalnet and entering the new information and submitting.  More information on Parent Access and the FERPA law can be found at this link:

Note:  ASU does NOT store electronic check or credit card information.  Electronic check and credit/debit card account information must be entered each time a payment is made.


BY MAIL TO:                                        OVERNIGHT MAIL:

ASU Student Accounts Office                                                   ASU Student Accounts Office
ASU Box 32005                                                                           John E. Thomas Hall, Room 215
Boone, NC 28608                                                                       287 Rivers St                                             
                                                                                                      Boone, NC 28608 *                                  

Mail check or money order made payable to "ASU CASHIER" to the address above.  Please include the Student's Full Name and Student ID in the memo section of the check.

* The USPS recognizes 28608 as the zip code for Appalachian State University and will deliver overnight mail with this zip code.  However, UPS and FedEx may not recognize 28608 as the correct zip code.  If you choose to ship your payment overnight using UPS or FedEx, you may need to use 28607 zip code instead. *



The TMS Payment Plan is an interest-free alternative to paying your college expenses that allows you to spread your payments over multiple months.  The Annual (10-Pay) plan allows you to budget payments for 10 months (June to March) and cover both fall and spring charges.  With two payment options for the fall and spring terms, you can pay your college expenses in five equal payments per term. Additionally, Appalachian State University is offering a 3 pay payment plan to allow you to make payments for the spring semester only. The Tuition Payment Plan is now available for summer sessions.

If you are taking Summer I courses or Summer I and Summer II courses, sign up for the Summer I payment plan.  If you are taking ONLY Summer II courses, sign up for the Summer II payment plan.

Summer I and Summer II
3 Pay Plan: 
Enrollment is open now.  The Enrollment Fee of $40 must be paid with the first payment.  The deadline for enrolling in the plan is June 15, 2017.

If you enroll...# of payments due upon enrollmentNext monthly payment
by May 20                             0June 1, 2017
May 21 to Jun 10                             1July 1, 2017

TO ENROLL, please log into or call 1-800-722-4867.


To find out how to apply for financial aid, please visit the ASU Office of Financial Aid website at, call them at 828-262-2190 or visit them in John E. Thomas Hall, Room 265.


ASU does accept and assist with billing for those that receive outside funding such as Federal and State Tuition Assistance from Military service and other Federal and State Agency funding sources like the Workforce Investment Act, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Commission for the Blind.

We also accept and assist with State Prepaid College Plans such as Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi to name a few.

To discuss particular processes for these types of funding, please contact Jennett Reece.  Authorizations must be received by ASU to verify funding and should be submitted by mail or fax only. 

Contact Information:
ASU Student Accounts
Attn: Jennett Reece
ASU Box 32005
Boone, NC 28608
Tel: 828-262-3097
Fax: 828-262-2936