Fall/Spring Tuition and Fees

For Fall and Spring, tuition and fees are billed by the semester. To view the rates by year, click on the links provided on the left.

Campus Type for Tuition and Fees
Appstate Online Courses: Appstate Online courses can either be online or physically at another campus off-site from our Main Campus in Boone, NC.

Main Campus Courses: Main Campus courses are primarily on our main campus in Boone, NC; however some programs do offer online courses that are categorized as main campus and are thus charged Main Campus rates as approved by the UNC Board of Governors.

If you have questions regarding which campus type your course is prior to registering for classes, please consult your advisor or The Registrar's Office (for undergraduate) and Graduate Studies (for all other levels).  Once tuition and fees have been charged, The Office of Student Accounts can assist with explanation of the charges.  Please note that the Campus Type for a course is not determined by The Office of Student Accounts and we cannot answer questions related to why a specific course is coded as either Appstate Online or Main Campus.  Please consult your academic department and/or Appstate Online Offices for further explanation.

Other Cost Explanations in Addition to Tuition and Fees

Residence Status for Tuition Purposes

For residence requirement explanations, please visit the NC Residency page on the Registrar's site at https://registrar.appstate.edu/students/nc-residency.

Student Medical Insurance

The Medical Insurance Premium is charged to students each semester that are enrolled in nine or more hours. To find out more information regarding this insurance, visit https://healthservices.appstate.edu/ and click on the Health Insurance Information link. Or you can reach the Health Services Office by calling 828-262-7463.

The Medical Insurance Premium charge is separate from the mandatory Health Service Fee that covers on campus visits to the Health Services Clinic.

Orientation Charges

Parents and family members prepay for their orientation costs. Students are billed their fee to their student account after they have attended. For further costs and payment information pertaining to orientation, please visit the Orientation site at https://orientation.appstate.edu/ or contact their office at 828-262-2167.

Parking Permits and Traffic Tickets

Parking permits and traffic tickets issued to registered vehicles are billed to student accounts. For information and inquires into permits and traffic tickets, visit the Parking and Traffic Office at https://parking.appstate.edu/ or contact their office at 828-262-2878.

Foreign Study Abroad Trip Charges

Students should pay trip charges based on the schedule provided by the Office of International Education and Development. Questions about trip charge payments should be directed to OIED at 828-262-2046. Other information may be found on their website at https://international.appstate.edu/.

Internships, Practicums, Field Experiences, Clinicals, and Student Teaching

Appalachian State University requires professional and general liability coverage for all students enrolled in an internship, field experience, practicum, clinical, and student teaching. Therefore, the University has assisted by locating a policy that can be purchased by University students for this purpose. The premium for this coverage is charged to each student's account upon enrollment. Additional information can be found at https://internships.appstate.edu/insurance.

Book Rental Charge

The book rental charge is assessed to all undergraduate main campus students with the exception of those participating in most student teaching, internships, and practicums.  The fee saves students large sums of money  by renting required books rather than purchasing them for a very low cost each semester.  Students may opt-out of the book rental fee.  There are only certain timeframes that students can opt out of the fee at the beginning of each semester.  To find out more information regarding opting out of the book rental fee please contact the bookstore or see The Textbook Rental Program site.

Textbooks Not Returned

Rental textbooks that are not returned prior to the Bookstore deadline for each semester are charged to student accounts. For further information, visit their site at http://bookstore.appstate.edu/ or to discuss these charges, please contact the Bookstore at 828-262-3070.

Wellness Service Fee

Please visit the Student Conduct site at https://studentconduct.appstate.edu/ for information regarding these charges or call their office at 828-262-2704.

Technology Department Consumables

Technology and Environmental Design students may incur additional charges for equipment used, lost or damaged. Please contact the Department office at 828-262-3111 to inquire about these charges.

Federal and State Tax Withholding Charges from Scholarships

International students are issued a 1042-S from the Payroll Office and withholding charges are placed on their student account. Further information regarding these charges can be found at https://payroll.appstate.edu/foreign-visitor-tax-guide#scholarships or by calling the Payroll Office at 828-262-6422.