Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal at any time during the academic term will entitle the student to a refund of any funds on their meal account.

Students who have prepaid tuition and fees will be due a full refund if they are academically ineligible to enroll. Students who do not enroll for other reasons will be due a refund less any advance payments made toward tuition, fees, and housing. Students who are required to withdraw for disciplinary reasons will be given a refund based on the University's normal refund schedule, as indicated.

Students receiving any type of financial aid (federal, state, institutional, or external) should contact the University's Office of Student Financial Aid for an explanation of the Financial Aid Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

The term refund should be understood to mean either a)the repayment of money received by the University for tuition and fees, or b) a reduction of charges if tuition and fees have not yet been paid.

Reduction of Class Schedule

  • If students reduce their class schedules (drop some but not all courses) during the first five days of classes (during the Drop-Add period), 100% of the difference in tuition and fees between the original and revised schedules will be credited to their accounts.
  • Students who reduce their schedules (drop some but not all courses) after the first five days of classes (after the Drop-Add period) will not be eligible for a refund.

Withdrawal from the University

If a student withdraws from the University (i.e. formally notifies the Registrar's Office that he or she is no longer attending ANY classes), a refund will be made based on the date of notification. Please check the links on the menu above for the dates/refund percentages by term.