Registered Student Billing

After bills have been generated, email notifications will be sent to student ASU email addresses and authorized user email addresses available in the New Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet.  Effective Februar y 25, 2018, all new invoices will be viewable to students and users authorized via the authorized user function in the New Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet.

To View E-bills

Via the AppalNet Self Service (AppalNet Self Service link): Log into AppalNet Self Service. Select the General Self Service box; select the Student Tab; select the Student Accounts link;  then select the Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet.

Via the Authorized User login on Touchnet (Authorized User login): Login with the email address entered by the student for the authorized user as well as the Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet password.  When authorized users are enabled, an email is received by the authorized user with a temporary password that must be changed upon login.

Beginning February 25th, 2019, Parents or Authoized Users will potentially have two separate credentials for signing into portals related to financial information regarding the student.  The parent portal will remain the portal that maintains all Financial Aid related data, all invoices prior to February 25th 2019, and all 1098T tax forms through the 2018 tax year.  The New Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet will contain online payment options, invoices after February 25th, 2019, and payment plans starting with Summer 2019.  These two portals have separate credentials for authorized users to log in.  IMPORTANT:  Due to FERPA Compliance restrictions, when calling or email student accounts for information or questions related to the student, you will still be required to furnish the ASU Student Banner ID and Parent PIN Number.

* Parent Portal access is granted by the Student on the Parent Access link of the Student Tab on the Appalnet. If a parent pin needs to be reset (if it is forgotten) or an email address needs to be updated, the student must do this by selecting the same Parent Access link on their Appalnet and entering the new information and submitting. More information on Parent Access and the FERPA law can be found at this link:

For payment options, instructions, and further information, please select the Payments tab from the menu tab of this website.

Current Bill Information

See the Calendar tab for billing and due dates.

Please be aware that additional charges may be added after the bills are generated. Diploma and postage, library fines, parking and traffic fines, technology consumables, charges for textbooks not returned, dorm check-out charges, and so on, may not be on the billing statement. If they occur during the billing cycle, they will be due on the due date of the bill they appear on. If charges are added to the account after the last bill of the term (mid-term bill), they are payable when posted to the student's account.

Billing statements are in summary form. To view detailed account transactions and to make a payment, log into your Billing and Payments Center by Touchnet Portal.

AppalNet Self Service link
Authorized User Login

Students and parents should monitor account detail on a regular basis.

Student Responsibilities

All students are expected to satisfy any amount owed by the last day of class in each term.  Any balances after the last day of class are considered past due and the Office of Student Accounts will follow the NC Office of State Controllers Policy, NC OSC Policy 200.7, regarding past due balances.  In addition, any balance on a students account who withdraws from the university is considered past due.