Other Billing Information

All students are expected to satisfy any amount owed by the last day of class in each term.  Any balances after the last day of class are considered past due and the Office of Student Accounts will follow the NC Office of State Controllers Policy, NC OSC Policy 200.7, regarding past due balances.  In addition, any balance on a students account who withdraws from the university is considered past due. 

Students who have left ASU and have outstanding balances on their Student Accounts Receivable account are mailed statements for two consecutive months. If there is no response to the statements a follow-up letter is sent. If there is still no response and the account is over $50.00, it is referred to the State Attorney General. After the Attorney General's Office has exhausted collection efforts, the remaining account balance will be referred to a State contracted collection agency.

Currently Contracted Collection Agencies

Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC
670 Cross Pointe Road
Gahanna, OH 43230

Williams and Fudge
300 Chatham Ave.
Rock Hill, SC 29730
(800) 849-9791

Todd, Bremer, & Lawson
PO Box 36788
Rock Hill, SC 29732
(855) 217-9240

Radius Global Solutions
PO Box 390908
Minneapolis, MN  55439-0908
Perkins: 877-768-8803
Tuition/Institutional: 855-753-1581

PO Box 8012
Canoga Park, CA
(800) 394-4228, Press #2

Schuerger Law Group, Main Office:
1001 Kingsmill Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43229
Main No. 614-824-5731
Toll Free No. 855-277-7798

Interest Charge on Out of School Delinquent Accounts

North Carolina General Statute 147-86.23 requires state agencies to charge interest on unpaid balances. Once a student is no longer registered at ASU (Out of School) and has received 2 past due billing statements an interest charge will begin to be assessed monthly. The interest rate is established by the State of North Carolina and currently is an annual rate of 8%. Unpaid interest charges will accrue each month until paid.

Late Payment Penalty on Out of School Delinquent Accounts

ASU is also required to charge a one-time late payment penalty of 10% of the total amount due on accounts with delinquent balances when the student is no longer enrolled and has received 2 past due billing statements.

Appalachian State began assessing these charges on out of school delinquent accounts on January 31, 2012 in order to be in compliance with the University of North Carolina Finance Improvement and Transformation Project and state policy.

Set Off Debt Collection Act and State Employee Debt Collection Act

Debtors to the University with debts of $50 or greater and in arrears ninety days or more must be listed annually with the N.C. Department of Revenue for potential set off against their N.C. individual income tax refunds. Also a listing of debtors to the University, regardless of the dollar amount, is to be submitted annually to the Office of State Budget and Management to cross check and determine if any debtors are employed by the State of North Carolina.