Tuition and Fees

*** Proposed 2015-2016  Per Semester On-Campus Tuition and Fees ***

PENDING LEGISLATIVE APPROVAL - These are estimated costs at this time.  We expect approval in June.

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In-State          Out-of-State
Credit HoursTuitionFees (Detailed)ASG FeeHealth Services*Total    TuitionFees (Detailed)ASG FeeHealth Services*Total
>0-5$495.50$479.50$0.20$0.00$975.20 $2,223.50$479.50$0.20$0.00$2,703.20
6-8$991.00$958.50$0.30$0.00$1,949.80 $4,447.00$958.50$0.30$0.00$5,405.80
9-11$1,486.50$1,437.00$0.50$140.50$3,064.50 $6,670.50$1,437.00$0.50$140.50$8,248.50
12+$1,980.50$1,437.00$0.50$140.50$3,558.50 $8,893.00$1,437.00$0.50$140.50$10,471.00

Student Teachers 12+

$1,980.50$1,314.50$0.50$140.50$3,436.00 $8,893.00$1,314.50$0.50$140.50$10,348.50

 *Part-time students who wish to use this service are required to pay the full fee.



Meal Account Options
Visit for details or call 828-262-6141

MEAL ACCOUNT OPTION                                                                            PRICE PER SEMESTER
Low Option (not available to freshman)$1,015 with state sales tax included
Standard Option$1,280 with state sales tax included
High Option$1,485 with state sales tax included
Super Option$1,810 with state sales tax included
Training Table$3,200.00 tax NOT included

Dorm/Housing Rates
Visit for details or call 828-262-2160

Standard (Gardner/Coltrance/Bowie/Eggers)$2,112.50
App Heights/Mountaineer/Panhellenic$2,500.00



In-State                                   Out-Of-State
Credit HoursTuitionFees (Detailed)SGA FeeHealth Services*Total TuitionFees (Detailed)SGA FeeHealth Servies*Total
>0-2$565.00$435.00$0.20$0.00$1,000.20    $2,133.00$435.00$0.20$0.00$2,568.20
3-5$1,130.00$435.00$0.20$0.00$1,565.20 $4,266.00$435.00$0.20$0.00$4,701.20
6-8$1,694.50$870.00$0.30$0.00$2,564.80 $6,398.00$870.00$0.30$0.00$7,268.30
9+$2,259.00$1,304.50$0.50$140.50$3,704.50 $8,530.00$1,304.50$0.50$140.50$9,975.50


MBA and MSA Graduate Progams

The Graduate MBA and MSA students are assessed an additional tuition charge of $450 for 1-2 hours, $900 for 3-5 hours, $1,350 for 6-8 hours, and $1,800 for 9 or more semester hours.

In-State                                    Out-Of-State
Credit HoursTuitionFees (Detailed)SGA FeeHealth Services*Total TuitionFees (Detailed)SGA FeeHealth Services*Total
>0-2$1,015.00$435.00$0.20$0.00$1,450.20     $2,583.00$435.00$0.20$0.00$3,018.20
3-5$2,030.00$435.00$0.20$0.00$2,465.20 $5,166.00$435.00$0.20$0.00$5,601.20
6-8$3,044.50$870.00$0.30$0.00$3,914.80 $7,748.00$870.00$0.30$0.00$8,618.30
9+$4,059.00$1,304.50$0.50$140.50$5,504.50 $10,330.00$1,304.50$0.50$140.50$11,775.50

*Part-time students who wish to use this service are required to pay the full fee.

Residence Status for Tuition Purposes
For residence requirement explanations and inquiries, please visit the Office of the Registrar site at or call the University Residency Officer at 828-262-7961.

Student Medical Insurance The Medical Insurance Premium is charged to students each semester that are enrolled in nine or more hours.  To find out more information regarding this insurance, visit and click on the Health Insurance Information link.  Or you can reach the Heath Services Office by calling 828-262-7463.

The Medical Insurance Premium charge is separate from the mandatory Health Service Fee that covers on campus visits to the Health Services Clinic.

Orientation Charges
Parents and family members prepay for their orientation costs.  Students are billed their fee to their student account after they have attended.  For further costs and payment information pertaining to orientation, please visit the Orientation site at or contact their office at 828-262-2167.

Parking Permits and Traffic Tickets
Parking permits and traffic tickets issued to registered vehicles are billed to student accounts.  For information and inquires into permits and traffic tickets, visit the Parking and Traffic Office at or contact their office at 828-262-2878.

Foreign Study Abroad Trip Charges
Students should pay trip charges based on the schedule provided by the Office of International Education and Development. Questions about trip charge payments should be directed to OIED at 828-262-2046. Other information may by found on their website at

Internship or Practicum Courses
Appalachian State University participates in a student insurance program with other constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina. Most, if not all, internship hosts require professional liability insurance prior to a student's participation in an internship or practicum. Appalachian requires coverage for all students enrolled in internship or practicum courses, except student teaching. The premium for this coverage is charged as an Intern/Practicum Fee.  For additional information, please visit the Office of the Registrar site at

Textbooks Not Returned
Rental textbooks that are not returned prior to the Bookstore deadline for each semester are charged to student accounts.  For further information, visit their site at or to discuss these charges, please contact the Bookstore at 828-262-3070.

Wellness Service Fee
Please visit the Student Conduct site at for information regarding these charges or call their office at 828-262-2704.

Technology Department Consumables
Technology and Environmental Design students may incur additional charges for equipment used, lost or damaged.  Please contact the Department office at 828-262-3111 to inquire about these charges.

Tuition Surcharge
For an explanation of Tuition Surcharge regulations, please visit the Office of the Registrar site at or call their office at 828-262-2050.

Federal and State Tax Withholding Charges from Scholarships
International students are issued a 1042-S from the Payroll Office and withholding charges are placed on their student account.  Further information regarding these charges can be found at or by calling the Payroll Office at 828-262-6422.

Last updated March 25, 2015