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Log into your AppalNet account, cliclk on the Self Service tab, and then the Student tab.  Click on Student Accounts link and then the View Schedule Cancellation Status link.  Select the Spring 2015 term. Click on the link below for more detailed instructions.

Instructions for checking Schedule Cancellation Status



Here is how:  Sign into your AppalNet account, click on the Self Service tab, then the Student tab, and finally the Direct Deposit Enrollment or Changes link at the bottom of the page. For more information on Direct Deposit, see the Refunds link on the left hand side of this page.



Links to Important Information below:

ASU Use of Tuition Statement

Interest Charge on Out of School Delinquent Accounts

Late Payment Penalty on Out of School Deliquent Accounts

Student Accounts Office Supports ASU Green Initiative

Student Medical Insurance

Non-enrolled Student Accounts Receivable

Set Off Debt Collection Act and State Employee Debt Collection Act

Financial Aid Refunds

Foreign Study Abroad Trip Charges


The Student Accounts office is comprised of two functional areas - Cashier's Office and Perkins Loan Servicing Center.

The Cashier's Office is responsible for the billing, receipting, and depositing of all University related funds. Student and faculty/staff accounts receivables (other than loans) are maintained in this office.

The Perkins Loan Servicing Center houses and maintains all fiscal records for the NDEA/NDSL Federal Perkins Loan Fund and the Appalachian State University Student Emergency Loan Fund. This center is also responsible for collecting repayments.

Parent Portal Access and FERPA
Go to this page to learn about access to educational records and the process students must follow to grant access to parents, relative, or guardian. Student consent must be granted to allow Student Accounts staff to discuss account specifics with parents, other designated relatives or third parties.

Billing and Collections Policy - please read - click here

Location and Business Hours

The Student Accounts Office is located on the second floor of John E. Thomas Hall. The telephone number is (828) 262-2113. Business hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Interest Charge on Out of School Delinquent Accounts

North Carolina General Statute 147-86.23 requires state agencies to charge interest on unpaid balances. Once a student is no longer registered at ASU (Out of School) and has received 2 past due billing statements an interest charge will begin to be assessed monthly. The interest rate is established by the State of North Carolina and currently is an annual rate of 5%. Unpaid interest charges will accrue each month until paid.

Late Payment Penalty on Out of School Delinquent Accounts

ASU is also required to charge a one time late payment penalty of 10% of the total amount due on accounts with delinquent balances when the student is no longer enrolled and has received 2 past due billing statements.

Appalachian State began assessing these charges on out of school delinquent accounts on January 31, 2012 in order to be in compliance with the University of North Carolina Finance Improvement and Transformation Project and state policy.

Student Accounts Office Supports ASU Green Initiative

Starting with the fall 2011 bills we discontinued mailing paper bills. Bills are e-mailed to the student ASU e-mail address and an e-mail notice will be sent to parents or guardians that have been given Student Accounts access and parent e-mail address(es) have been entered by the student. For instructions on granting parent access go to Students will be able to view and print the bills on AppalNET and parents/guardians (with Student Accounts access) will be able to view and print the bills on the Parent Portal.

Student Medical Insurance

Since the 2010-11 academic year, any student enrolled in a degree-seeking program at any of the 16 UNC campuses for six or more semester hours and who is eligible to pay the student health services fee, must provide proof of a creditable health insurance policy. Students who do not provide proof of insurance will be charged for medical insurance. Beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year the new provider is Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. The Medical Insurance Premium for the 2014-2015 academic year is $1,604.00 ($802.00 per semester) rates and benefits are pending regulatory approval.

Any student meeting these criteria who has an existing creditable health insurance policy can waive out of the UNC system plan. The web portal to waive out of the UNC system plan is If you have questions about student health insurance please call Health Services at 828-262-7463.

The Medical Insurance Premium is separate from the Health Services Fee. Students enrolled in nine or more hours are charged the Health Service Fee that covers on campus visits to the Health Services department. The Medical Insurance Premium is for major medical coverage for medical services off campus.

Non-enrolled Student Accounts Receivable

Students who have left ASU and have outstanding balances on their Student Accounts Receivable account are mailed statements for two consecutive months. If there is no response to the statements a follow-up letter is sent. If there is still no response and the account is over $50.00, it is referred to the State Attorney General. After the Attorney General's Office has exhausted collection efforts, the remaining accout balance will be referred to a State contracted collection agency.

Set Off Debt Collection Act and State Employee Debt Collection Act 

Debtors to the University with debts of $50 or greater and in arrears ninety days or more must be listed annually with the N.C. Department of Revenue for potential set off against their N.C. individual income tax refunds. Also a listing of debtors to the University, regardless of the dollar amount, is to be submitted annually to the Office of State Budget and Management to cross check and determine if any debtors are employed by the State of North Carolina.

Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid refunds are processed twice per week as aid posts to accounts. Please see the "Refunds" link on this site for additional information. It is important that students keep their address(es) current in the system. If you do not see specific loans, scholarships or grants on your student account, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Foreign Study Abroad Trip Charges

Students should pay trip charges based on the schedule provided by the Office of International Education and Development. Questions about trip charge payments should be directed to OIED at 828-262-2046.