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Student Accounts Office Supports ASU Green Initiative

Starting with the fall 2011 bills we discontinued mailing paper bills. Bills are e-mailed to the student ASU e-mail address and an e-mail notice will be sent to parents or guardians that have been given Student Accounts access and parent e-mail address(es) have been entered by the student. For instructions on granting parent access go to Students will be able to view and print the bills on AppalNET and parents/guardians (with Student Accounts access) will be able to view and print the bills on the Parent Portal.


ASU Use of Tuition Statement

For information on the use of tuition at Appalachian State and Board of Governors approved Tuition and General Fees, click on the link below.  The General Fees on the Use of Tuition Statement are the Board of Governors approved fees only and do not include Appalachain specific Miscellaneous Fees included in your bill.

ASU Use of Tuition Statement