2020 Summer Tuition and Fees

Beginning with Summer Session One 2020, summer rates are now assessed by residency, level of course (<5000 is undergraduate), and delivery format. Both Appstate Online programs and Main Campus programs that are delivered primarily online are charged the Appstate Online tuition and fee rates.

Approved Summer 2020 Tuition and Fee Schedule Summary:

Rate Summary

Level of CourseResidencyTuitionFeesTotal per Credit Hour
Undergraduate*NC Resident$143.00$20.05*$163.05*
Undergraduate*Non Resident$643.50$20.05*$663.55*
GraduateNC Resident$237.00$29.51$266.51
GraduateNon Resident$895.50$29.51$925.01

*Note - Undergraduate students who are taking courses that are not associated with a traditional Appstate Online cohort will also be charged an additional $14 per credit hour book rental charge making the total per credit hour $177.05 for NC Residents and $677.55 for Non-NC Residents.


Education and Technology Fee: $19.00 Undergraduate per credit hour/$28.00 Graduate per credit hour

  • The Education & Technology Fee is used to supplement State budget allocations with regard to student technology needs. This includes needs directly associated with classroom and laboratory instruction including student computing labs, educational supplies and materials used for instructional purposes, network infrastructure, central email and internet services, and the cost of building modifications associated with the enhancement of classroom or lab space.

Safety & Security  Fee: $1.01 Undergraduate per credit hour/$1.47 Graduate per credit hour


ASG Fee: $0.04 per credit hour

  •  This fee supports UNC system-level organization that champion the concerns of students and ensures the affordability and accessibility to quality education today and tomorrow.


Graduate Tuition Differential - Add the Tuition Differential Charge listed below to the appropriate Graduate rate above.

Master of Business Administration,
Applied Data Analytics,
and Accounting
+$176.00 per credit hour
Master of Health Administration+$147.00 per credit hour