Revised Registration Cancellation policy for Fall 2019

Beginning in Fall 2019, there will be a significant  change in our current billing and registration cancellation for non-payment process.
In prior years:

  • An invoice was sent in mid-July and registration cancellation occurred during the first week of August.  

  • Student’s registration was cancelled based on non-payment for the charges that were on the first invoice in early July.  A second invoice was not sent until the second week of class.

  • Students’ schedules were cancelled who had not paid their invoice balance, set up a payment plan, or received a schedule deferment (protection) from the Office of Financial Aid or the Office of Student Accounts.  

Beginning Fall 2019 and beyond:

  • An initial invoice will be sent around the second week July (For Fall 2019 - July 10th), depending on the summer academic calendar.  

  • For students who are still subject to registration cancellation, additional statements will be sent weekly with updated balances reflecting any changes.

  • Invoices will be due upon receipt, with a registration cancellation date of approximately 1  week before classes start (August 12 for Fall 2019). Registration cancellation will be based on balances on the account as of August 7th for Fall 2019. Memoed financial aid awards decrease the amount due to the school and do appear in the “view activity” section of Touchnet.  They will show as posted to the account approximately one week before classes begin.

  • To avoid cancellation, at least one of the following must be completed prior to August 12, 2019.

    • Pay balance as of August 7th in full;

    • Set up a payment plan and make payments as agreed (Payment plans open the afternoon of July 10th)

    • Agree to a financial agreement consent form inside the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center that attests to having an apparent source of funding to cover all charges for the appropriate term. By doing this, you agree that you will will cover current and future charges for the term but cannot pay by the deadline due to a timing issue with the funding source. Students with balances in prior terms may not be allowed to use this process and will be emailed if the attestation is rejected. The consent will be available from the initial billing statement (July 10, 2019) through the day before registration cancellation occurs (August 11, 2019).  The consent must be completed by the student through the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center.

Tutorials related to using the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center can be found on the Office of Student Accounts Tutorial webpage.  As we approach the first Fall 2019 invoice, we will continue to update the tutorial.

These changes are being implemented to have an equitable and sustainable process for handling the challenges of funding timing prior to the beginning of the term.  The student is responsible for all charges based on registration regardless of attesting to an apparent source of funding.

Published: May 16, 2019 8:24am