**New** Cancellation for Non-Payment Process

Students are not confirmed to attend the Fall 2019 term and are subject to course cancellation on August 12th until your account balance is paid or until one of the options listed below has occurred: 

  • Pay current account balance.
  • Set up a payment plan and make payments as agreed (Fall payment plans are now open for enrollment)
  • Agree to the Payment Deferral Attestation form inside the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center.  By doing this, you agree that you will satisfy current and future charges for the term but cannot pay by the deadline due to a timing issue with the funding source. Students with balances in prior terms may not be allowed to use this process and will be emailed if the attestation is rejected. This online consent form will be available through August 11, 2019.  The consent must be completed by the student through the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center by August 11. 

As soon as one of the following occur, each student will receive an email confirming them for the Fall 2019 term within 1-2 business days.  Once confirmed, you will remain confirmed unless your payment is rejected or disputed by your bank. 

 Charges after July 10th: Between July 10th and August 7th any additional charges will be included amount to determine course cancellation until you are confirmed and receive an email stating that you are confirmed for the Fall 2019 term. 

Medical Insurance Premium:  In previous years, the medical insurance premium charge was not included in the course cancellation process for non-payment.  Starting in the Fall 2019 term, this charge, if applicable, will be included in the calculation.  If you have completed the waiver request via healthservices.appstate.edu and all other costs are covered by another form of payment, you may click the “I attest” button in the student login to the Touchnet Billing and Payment Center.  This will prevent your course schedule from being cancelled while you are awaiting your medical insurance waiver to be processed.  The last day to opt-out of the insurance to avoid the medical insurance charge being permanent is September 10, 2019.  Enrollment and waiver information can be found at ­­­­­­­­­­­http://healthservices.appstate.edu

Published: Jul 10, 2019 3:32pm